Niederländische Handelskammer für Österreich - Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel voor Oostenrijk

About us

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria was established as an association in 1948 when only three years after the end of World War II the Netherlands decided to intensify their trade relations with Austria by founding a bilateral Chamber of Commerce in Vienna. We have offices based in Vienna and The Hague and our mission is to promote and facilitate economic ties between Austria and The Netherlands as well as to provide a platform for the exchange of views and experiences between Dutch and Austrian companies. To this end we regularly organize business meetings.

The Chamber has Austrian and Dutch member companies involved in trade between Austria and The Netherlands, including most leading Dutch multinationals with a subsidiary in Austria as well as various small and medium-sized enterprises. Also natural persons can become a member of the Chamber.

The Chamber is governed by a Board of Directors representing the commercial relations and composed of representatives of renowned businesses in Austria.

Within the Chamber large, medium and small-sized companies are considered equally important so the interests of all are safeguarded.

In addition to the platform function we provide export assistance to Dutch and Austrian companies that seek to enter the Austrian or Dutch market, offering a wide range of tailor-made services on a commercial basis to cover our costs. See also chapter Our Services.

The languages spoken at our offices are Dutch, German and English.

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Austria - Skyline Rotterdam and Vienna